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Business Centre 'Omega Plaza' 

Leninskaya Sloboda str. 19
office 21p1

115280 Moscow, Russia


Business requires a competent and professional legal support, which can be provided only by highly qualified experts. Since 2008 FM Law Group provides professional services at law in different fields of current legislation.
Specialists of our company have a great experience in solving various problems, ensuring maximum protection for the current business activity.




We provide a competent legal assistance in different fields:

- Participation in court proceedings;

- Complex legal support of activity of legal entities on civil, corporate and labor law;

- Consultation and legal assistance on client’s demand;

- Accreditation of the Representative Offices of foreign legal entities;

- Legal assistance in migration law;

- Legal assistance in joining to SRO;

- Counseling services and preparation of different documentation upon one time service agreement;

- Legal assistance in registration of companies, etc.

We practice a complex approach, paying much attention to individual requests of our clients unlike most of companies, who perform legal services too.

We provide legal assistance that more suitable for our clients. In many cases our specialists go to the client. Therefore our clients don't need to make decisions by themselves. Our clients can be sure in getting a fully ready report upon their question, providing pieces of advice of specialist.