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Енигюн Yenigün construction has successfully completed various domestic and international projects since 1973 in Russia and all over the world.



Дорче Founded in 1982, is a TurkishGeneral Contractor, with a vast worldwide experience, which provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for projects requiring high quality services in extreme and remote environments. Dorce owns one of the largest PREFABRICATED steel structures and prefabricated building manufacturing facility in the world.



  Tokar is the first company in Turkey rendering installation and service in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems and also the first local company awarded with turnkey industrial projects in Turkey. 



ФЕБА Feba Electronics is a low cost high volume independent service company. The company is specialised in repairing I.C.T. hardware,A.T.M. Parts, LCD panels, POS and network equipment.



atak_logo The Company is among the few companies in Turkey that can design, detail, fabricate, erect and occassionally clad a structure.



анел "АNЕЛ TECHNOLOGY and ENGINEERING COMPANY" offers a full complex of services on designing, installation, automation and pre-commissioning activities of engineering systems of buildings.



logo_ceylan The first CEYLAN company was established in 1965. 49 years of experience with successfully completed projects leads the company to be one of the most reputable construction companies in Turkey.



Colins Colin's more than 15 years presents goods on the Russian market. Under this brand are men's and women's casual clothing - more than 200 models in each collection. Colin's started to work on the Russian market in 2006.



Нух чименто Nuh Çimento Sanayi A.Ş., which established in 1966, with the main aim of development of cement sales in the country and abroad. The company made many changes to improve the sales on the market. Also the company is engaged in construction of schools, kindergardens and many other institutions.




Founded as an electrical motor factory by Ali Metin Kazanci in 1968, AKSA manufactured its first generator in 1984 and became an expert in machinery and hardware for electrical energy supply in a short amount of time. In 1994, Aksa community became corporate under the name Kazanci Holding and reorganized, achieving its current structure. Aksa has been the leader of generating sets market for a long period of time and is among Turkey’s largest 200 industrial companies and exporters.


joymiss-logo.jpg JOYMISS who began the Textile Sector in 1992, made an indelible impression with its exports to the Middle East and Europe and with the success in Turkey. Our company, serving its customers for bags, belts and costume jewelery and accessory products which gives a unity to the clothes in addition to the ready-made clothing.



logo AUTO KING is a Turkish franchising brand aiming to repair small and medium size damages with quick repair techniques and know-how, occurred on interior and exterior parts of motor vehicles caused by external impacts and collision while they are on move or at park. AUTO KING commenced its activities as of 1 st. of January, 2001 following to a preparation period of 6 months in Turkey and U.S.A.  



прокон PROKON is an independent consulting company providing integrated planning and feasibility studies, engineering and architectural services, construction management and supervision services throughout Turkey and abroad. 



eksenlogo EKSEN Group of Companies has been growing steadily ever since its first step into commercial life 30 years ago and is currently active in 4 different sectors with 13 companies.



asaasansor-logo_0611201217331052 Our company was established in the 1960 s by Tuncer SARIGULU and was named as STAEMS in 1967. STAEMS Elevator has active numerous elevators under this name and continues its activities today with the name of ASA Elevator Industry and Trade Limited Company as published in Commercial Registry Gazete No. 12455 on January 31, 1990. 



image_8.jpg Makyol is a construction company that is active in the businesses of heavy construction & infrastructure, commercial real estate, housing development, and tourism investments. Makyol is successfully carrying out joint venture operations both in Turkey and abroad with Turkish and foreign firms that are leaders of their sectors.



Erkem Construction is a member  of the  Group of   Companies who has a vast experience  in  the international  contracting  market and  international specifications  and  standards,  contemporary project management techniques to the already existing capabilities and large facilities of the group. ERKEM is equipped with the experience gained over many years of professional services  in the Balkans(especially in Kosovo), the CIS Countries(the Russian Federation) , The Middle East(Kuwait and Iraq), and Africa (including Libya and Sudan), Poland,  starting from the early years of  the emergence of  the Turkish  Contractors  in  the  international construction market.



gizia_ Besides the power of 25 years experience and strong infrastructure, GIZIA which holds an international business mentality and great targets, has already became the most important represantative of Turkish textile and fashion nowadays.




“COSTA Construction” is a general contracting, investment and construction company.

“COSTA Construction” was founded in December 2006.




turkmall.jpg Turkmall is leading the Turkish shopping center development and investment industry since 1992. We have developed more than 50, and completed more than 30 shopping center in 15 years and have added value to their regions and our retail partners.



logo эюп Eyuboglu Group entered to the construction sector in 1990, and completed successfully all marble works in 500.000 domiciles.



logo бгн

As a global and exclusive ‘pret-a porter’ brand BGN’s foundation was laid with it’s first boutique opening in Paris in 1999. Today, the brand’s name spreads out in a wide geography such as France, Russia, Ukrain and Turkey as well as the number of boutiques at selective points increases day by day.

Making the modern women of urban life to look stylish and effortlessly chic every moment of their daily lives is the main goal of BGN.

Ramsey_Logo The company Gurmen Group, which owns the brand of men's wear, which called Ramsey, stands out among other Turkish companies, which offer clothing to the Russians. The company is marketed with quality products and modern designs of business style.



Kanz_logo Group bema operates on the market for over 20 years. The Group of companies operates in the field of textile production of children's clothes under the brand Kanz.



тесем TESEM provides basic structural design, structural steel detailing and consultancy services to its clients.



Litpa Lighting was founded in 1992 with the sole intention of ensuring the manufacture and direct marketing of quality lighting solutions through its extensive and quality range of lighting fixtures.



чилек Çilek is committed to design and produce functional, high quality, distinctive, specific and durable furniture and accessories for babies, children and teens alike with the most advanced child safety standards by using high technology and first-class materials complying with the most stringent EU standards. This is the reason why all Çilek products bear the GS certification for high safety and quality standards.



MNG-Logo The MNG Group of Companies has expanded and diversified its activities as hotel investments and operation, energy production and marketing, domestic and overseas cargo airline , national cargo all over Turkey and finance and the media.



МК MK Consulting Offices offer services in the areas of tax, accounting, audit, corporate finance, law, training and management. MK Consulting produces strategy oriented professional solutions to sustain their clients’ success.




Dynamic Group is a multifunctional transport and logistics company, which offers a full range of freight transportation services since 2000.

Professionalism and reliability of operations are confirmed by membership in the Association of International(ASMAP) since 2000 and in the Russian Freight Forwarders Association (ARE) since 2007. In 2008 the Company obtained the Certificate of individual membership in FIATA.



 1972 Designer Faruk Malhan founds Koleksiyon in a small metal workshop at the OSTIM Industrial Estate in Ankara.




With years of experience and innovative solutions, AE ARMA-ELEKTROPANÇ as a technical services provider, have successfully completed electromechanical installation works for a wide range of market segments, such as commercial buildings, hotels, luxury apartments complexes, government building, shopping centres, hospitals, tourist services, airports and industry.

 Over the years, AE has successfully completed the technical contracting of more than 7 million sqm of various functional buildings across three continents namely Europe, Asia and Africa.




teknokon.jpg TEKNOKON is a manufacturing and construction company specialized in petroleum, oil and gas, power generation, chemical and food industries.



logo (1) Pilot Seating is a worldwide seat manufacturer specialized in all seating solutionsю All seats developed are extensively and continuously tested for performance and durability in the Testing Department of Pilot located in R&D Facility by our Quality Department and are certified according to applicable ISO and EU Standards.



In 1930 Haji Mehmet Kucuker opened Kucuker textiles. in 1954 another generation of their family Besalet and Sait continued the production of textile but using mechanical machines.

In 1977 Kucuker textiles reorganized into a Joint Stock company. Since 1989 the next generation of Kucuker, Nejat and Mustafa, realizes a full service of the production of goods.



birlesim-logo.png Birleşim Mühendislik  was established in 2002 in Istanbul, company has been aiming at satisfying similar requirements of all kinds of buildings from project design phase to the commissioning regarding the Heating - Cooling - Ventilation, which are becoming necessity rather than being luxury day by day in our country.



logo 1с Founded in 1969 and currently operating under a Holding, IC İbrahim Çeçen Yatırım Holding A.Ş. (IC Holding) engages in activities in mainly Construction, Power Generation and Distribution, Tourism, Industry, Infrastructure sectors.



yuksel_footer_logo_eng Yüksel İnşaat and its subsidiaries, providing services in a wide range of areas (such as energy, tourism, finance, information technology, manufacturing, investment and defence), were organized under the umbrella of Yüksel Holding Company in 1997.



Established in 1976 with Limak Construction, Limak Group of Companies has added tourism, cement, energy, infrastructure, airport management and operations, port management, food and aviation sectors to its operations by growing sustainably over time.



новатек Originally, having a start in the business life in the electrical sector, Novatek under changing conditions has decided to grow his activities in the mechanical, civil and operation and maintenance fields and set the necessary steps.

Today, Novatek is in the position to prepare complex electromechanical offer packages and to design and execute the project successfully with his experienced team. Novatek has the necessary background for the design and execution.



b266d9822842_ekin_proje.jpg Ekin enced business in 1983 with the establishment of two different companies; Altepe Engineering and Altepe Mechanics in the field of mechanical project design, installation and consulting. In May 1993, the activities of these two companies were joined in Ekin Project Eng. Consult. Ind. and Trade Ltd Co.In addition, the selling of mechanical products began.



Logo верде The Ulukartal family has been active in the Turkish Food Industry since 1928 . With the beginning of their olive oil production , they are continuing the family history and tradition of providing good quality products for the tables of consumers in Turkey and througout world . The Verde trademark represents a product with a rich history of its own as an established brand in Italy . With the wealth of experience , Verde AS today becomes one of the leading establishments in the Turkish Food Industry.



logo_0.png  Ltb engaged in trade with jeans, presented in more than 60 countries on all 5 continents. History of the company is started in 1948 in Turkey. Nowadays the company produces more than 30 thousand items daily.



тройка TROYKA  International  Transport  and  Trade  corporation  was  founded  in  1992,  and  is  respected  by  both  in  the  Turkish,  Russian  and  CIS  countries  markets  because  of  high  quality  service  and  experience.



logo cms Founded in İstanbul in 1995, CMS Glass Machinery  continues to design, produce, market and offer technical service for the insulating glass, glass processing machines and flat glass tempering furnaces.
Alyak kati Yakit Paz ve Tic A.s , are one of the leading coal importer and distributor companies in Turkey established in 1985. 

We import various qualities af coal mainly from Russia , China , South Africa , Romania, Venezuala and distribute in Turkey.The types of coal we import are steamcoal , coking coal , sized coal and petcoke which are distributed to almost all areas in Turkey thru our over 900 distributers , as well as by direct sales to the industrial users.