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Every company regardless of its stage of development comes up against situations such as execution of contracts with their partners, submission of claims upon different questions, signing lease agreements, court proceedings, etc. Companies need in regular legal support to avoid serious problems in their business. Almost each big company has own group of qualified lawyers at their team. Such legal support of specialists is quite popular and actual today.

 юридические услуги

 FM Law Group provides a competent legal assistance in the following questions:

- Legal support of activity of legal entities;

- Regular oral and written counseling services;

- Legal assistance in opening of private enterprise;

- Legal assistance in state registration of Individual Entrepreneurs (IP), LLC, CJST, OJSC;

Preparation of a contract with an individual executive body and legal assistance in settlement of disputes;

- Participation in court proceedings;

- Representation of interests in tax services as Federal Tax Service, Federal Migration Service;

- Receipt of extract from the EGRUL, etc.


 The full list of our services is represented in the category of Price List at our site.